Training provider

Offer your clients bespoke language services with BULATS

Business leaders know that to stay ahead of the competition, their workforce needs the right language skills to communicate in the global marketplace.

Each business is different and you need to offer your clients language training and testing that meets their specific requirements, while remaining reliable, affordable and easy to administer.

BULATS is a flexible set of multilingual assessment tools that allows you to offer your clients a comprehensive range of language auditing, training and assessment services tailored to the needs of their organisation.

How can BULATS help you as a training provider?

Enhance your offering and reach more clients

In an increasingly competitive market, BULATS can help you:

  • increase your portfolio of tests and courses
  • offer trainees an internationally accepted test
  • measure the success of your language training programmes
  • enhance the employability of trainees
  • audit the language ability of your clients and identify their training needs.