Give your organisation the competitive edge with BULATS

Effective communication skills are essential for the success of any organisation. Many leading businesses around the world have already discovered that using BULATS is the most effective way to assess language skills in the workplace.

BULATS is a flexible set of multilingual assessment tools that can help you:

  • assess the language ability of job applicants quickly and accurately
  • select staff with the right language skills for placement in international offices
  • audit the existing language abilities of your staff 
  • measure the progress of your language training programmes.

BULATS can assess language ability for the workplace in English, French, German and Spanish.

How can BULATS help your business?

Using BULATS as a tool for recruiting, language auditing or staff development and training, can help you:

Become more competitive
Develop a workforce that is confident communicating in international business environments.

Know the strengths and weaknesses of your workforce
The BULATS test enables your organisation to test employees individually or audit the skills of whole departments. Results are delivered quickly, reliably and accurately.

Offer staff an internationally accepted test
The success and growth of the BULATS test has helped make it one of the most recognised and accepted business English tests in the world.

Save money and time
BULATS helps your organisation identify corporate recruitment and training needs quickly – avoiding costly errors and helping you save time and resources.