Education Institution

Enhance your students’ employability

In the competitive global workplace, being able to communicate in international business situations is a key skill for any student seeking to enter the world of work.

BULATS is an international test available in English, French, German and Spanish that assesses language ability for the workplace.

Education institutions around the world use BULATS to:

  • select students with the right language skills for business-related courses
  • validate business/workplace language courses and set goals for course outcomes
  • ensure business students have the right language skills for the workplace.

You can use BULATS to:

  • increase your portfolio of tests and courses
  • offer students an internationally recognised test of their language skills
  • establish students’ language abilities and place them on the right language course
  • assess students’ progress in language learning
  • offer students enhanced employability.

An internationally recognised test
The BULATS test is one of the most recognised workplace English tests in the world and is accepted globally by employers, education institutions and government departments.

Tests that adapt to your requirements
BULATS tests are multilevel assessments of individual language skills (speaking, writing, listening and reading) enabling assessment to be adapted to different course requirements at any level of language ability.

BULATS saves you time and increases efficiency
BULATS is an economical and easy-to-administer test that can be taken with paper and pencil or on a computer.

BULATS offers you and your students flexibility in when and where a test can be taken. Candidates do not have to go to a testing centre to take the test at specific times or dates.