The speaking test

  • Assesses speaking in a foreign language in a business context.
  • Lasts a maximum of 12 minutes.
  • Available in English, French, German and Spanish.
  • Consists of three parts:
    • Part 1: Interview – a face-to-face interview with the examiner where you are expected to answer questions about yourself, your work or your studies, and your interests.
    • Part 2: Presentation – you are given a choice of three topics and have one minute to prepare a short presentation on one of the topics. This is followed by some questions on the presentation.
    • Part 3: Information exchange and discussion – a simulated situation, which is presented on a task sheet and you and examiners take on roles. This is followed by a short discussion on a related topic.
  • Conducted and assessed by a trained oral examiner, and recorded and marked by another assessor. Assessment is based on:
  • how accurately and appropriately you use the language (grammar and vocabulary)
  • how well you develop the conversation and organise your ideas
  • how fluently you speak
  • how comprehensible your pronunciation is
  • how positively you contribute to the conversation.
  • Result is provided by the organisation delivering the test.

Sample BULATS tests