Sample tests

BULATS computer-based online test demonstrations

The links on this page are to the demonstration site only and not to the candidate test site.

Before you start, make sure you can run the test on your computer. Go to technical support to check that your computer has the correct specifications and bandwidth.

Follow these steps to take an online demonstration test.

1. Select the language in which you want to take the demonstration test (English, French, Spanish or German).

2. Click the 'Tutorial' button to see a tutorial showing how to answer the different question types or click the 'Test' button to take a demonstration test.

3. When you have clicked the 'Test' button, enter the correct demo token into the space provided from the list below for the relevant language. You will then be able to do a short demonstration test in that language which will give you an idea of what the test is like. The demonstration test is different from a real test in that it is significantly shorter than a real test, which is approximately one hour long. You will not get a result for the demonstration test.

Demo tokens

Language BULATS Online Reading and Listening demo token BULATS Online Speaking demo token BULATS Online Writing demo token
French DEMBULF1 Not available Not available
German DEMBULG1 Not available Not available
Spanish DEMBULS1 Not available Not available

BULATS Online Reading and Listening demo links (and the English Speaking and Writing demo):

BULATS Online Speaking demo (English only)
BULATS Online Writing demo (English only)