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BULATS is administered through a network of authorised BULATS Agents and distributors around the world. Agents are approved by Cambridge ESOL to sell the full range of BULATS tests to customers. You can contact BULATS Agents to get information about BULATS, including prices and availability of tests. Agents can also offer demonstrations of the computer-based tests.

BULATS Agents:

  • ensure Cambridge ESOL guidelines and standards are upheld at all times
  • ensure efficient operations when delivering BULATS
  • provide excellent customer service
  • flow product and market information back to Cambridge ESOL.

Interested in becoming a BULATS Agent?

Cambridge ESOL offers a comprehensive range of support to BULATS Agents to help them deliver BULATS effectively and efficiently. This includes a wide selection of technical support tools and adviceFind out more about becoming a BULATS Agent.

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Country Region Organisationsort descending Certificated BULATS BULATS Online Benchmarking Agent
France Berlitz Villepinte Yes
Russian Federation Moscow BKC - Education without limits Yes
United Kingdom Bournemouth Bournemouth School Of English Yes
Brazil Rio de Janeiro BridgeBrazil
Chile Santiago de Chile BridgeLinguatec Language Services Yes
Iraq Kurdish Region of Northern Iraq Britania College of English
Poland Lodz British Centre B. Ziemniewicz, M. Mikus sp.j. Yes Yes Yes
Albania Tirana British Chamber Of Commerce And Industry In Albania
Hong Kong Hong Kong British Council Exam Services, Hong Kong Yes
Turkey Istanbul British Council, (BC) Istanbul
Turkey Istanbul British Council, (BC) Istanbul
United Arab Emirates Abu Dhabi British Council, Abu Dhabi Yes
Egypt Alexandria British Council, Alexandria Yes
Netherlands Amsterdam British Council, Amsterdam Yes
Bahrain Manama British Council, Bahrain
Spain Barcelona British Council, Barcelona Yes
Lebanon Beirut British Council, Beirut
Colombia Bogota British Council, Bogota Yes Yes
Egypt Cairo British Council, Cairo Yes
India Chennai British Council, Chennai Yes