What is the role of BULATS Agents?

The role of a BULATS Agent is to:

  • perform business functions
  • perform administrative functions
  • recruit, train and monitor key individuals
  • provide excellent customer service
  • provide enhanced services.

1. Perform business functions

It is the responsibility of BULATS Agents to:

  • establish and maintain contacts with companies, organisations and training providers
  • identify and exploit opportunities for BULATS
  • promote and market BULATS
  • undertake regular market research and be aware of competitor products and services
  • report activities to Cambridge ESOL regularly.

2. Perform administrative functions

It is the responsibility of BULATS Agents to ensure that all administrative procedures are carried out correctly and efficiently. BULATS Agents may choose to conduct these administrative tasks themselves or they may recruit suitably qualified individuals to carry out such tasks on their behalf.

3. Recruit, train and monitor key individuals

It is the responsibility of BULATS Agents to recruit and train suitably qualified individuals, as necessary, for the successful running and operation of BULATS. In doing so, BULATS Agents must follow Cambridge ESOL policy and guidelines.

4. Provide excellent customer service

BULATS Agents should continuously deliver the highest quality of customer service. BULATS Agents may also choose to offer enhanced services such as presentation, demonstration or training for customers. We offer a comprehensive range of support to BULATS Agents to help them deliver the BULATS test effectively and efficiently. This includes a wide selection of technical support tools and advice.

5. Provide enhanced services

Some BULATS Agents may have the resources and expertise to offer additional services to customers. Such services might include:

  • offering pretesting
  • performing language audits
  • conducting benchmarking of employees’ language ability
  • designing language or test preparation training programmes
  • providing diagnostic advice on BULATS results.

If possible, Cambridge ESOL will support these services with resources and guidance but BULATS Agents are ultimately responsible for the planning and delivery of such services.

These activities should not be carried out under the brand name of Cambridge ESOL without prior authorisation from a Cambridge ESOL Regional Development Manager.

To express an interest to become an agent, please complete our online enquiry form.